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Weir® Quick Connector (WQC)

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Weir® Quick Connector (WQC)

The Weir® quick connector (WQC) uses low torque drive screws to secure the BOP stack to a clamp hub.


The Weir® quick connector (WQC) system uses low torque drive screws to secure the BOP stack to a clamp hub. The connection uses standard API flange gaskets but the BOP stack connection can now be made or broken in a matter of minutes, saving as much as six hours per well. If desired, the clamp hub can also be converted to accept standard API flanges once the drilling rig has moved off location.


Weir® Quick Connector (WQC) was previously part of Weir's Seaboard brand, known as the Seaboard Quick Connector (SQC) BOP Adapter system.



  • Drilling

Weir® Quick Connector (WQC) Product Data Sheet


API 6A, NACE MR-01-75

5,000 psi, 10,000 psi & 15,000 psi

11 inch & 13-5/8 inch flanges

L-U -45°C to 121°C (-50°F to +250°F)

Low alloy steel

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